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  • Behind every successful business is a story of determination and perseverance...your story. Boss Brilliance helps business owners scale so you can focus on what matters most.
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    Who's The Boss?

    Do you feel like the business is running your life? When your business is the boss you:

    - have work staring you in the face before the sun comes up

    - are always at the whim of the latest crisis or customer need

    - question if you’re focused on the right things and don’t know the solutions to your biggest problems

    - wish you could do the things you love in your business

    - regularly miss out on family time and don't feel like you could step away without things coming to a grinding halt

    - are living in fear that your whole business is going to collapse on you at any minute

    - fear that the sacrifice isn’t going to be worth it

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    Hi, I’m Melissa

    You’re not alone! I'm an entrepreneur too, and understand the daily tug-of-war between work and life. I created the Boss Brilliance framework that will help you lead your business like a CEO, build a team, and create systems that work. Giving you more time for what you love while building a wildly successful business.

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    What You’ll Find on Boss Brilliance

    Lead Like a CEO

    How to shift from doing it all, to strategically leading your business.

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    Build Your Team

    Tips and tools for defining roles, growing teams, and managing interpersonal dynamics.

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    Systems That Work

    Tips to keep a pulse on your business, and scale your company with the right systems.

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